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Documentation Overview

Welcome to the Causal Developer documentation.

  • Trying It Out is a quick sample project that will show you how to get Causal up and running. It'll walk you through the process from logging data on the front end, to seeing that data in your warehouse. If you are a front end developer, we recommend you start here.

  • The Feature Definition Guide describes the concepts behind Causal's data definition language, FDL. If you are a language nerd, or like thinking about how to model data, this'll be interesting for you.

  • The Feature Lifecycle section describes how Causal maintains your data warehouse and front end code over time. Both data and front end engineers will be interested in this section because it describes how our approach will save you a lots of time and prevent serious errors.

  • The Data Warehouse section describes the data that Causal automatically generates. If you are a data engineer, you'll be interested in this section because it'll tell you about all the grunt work you'll no longer have to do.

  • API Guides discuss how clients call an impression server from various programming languages. If you are connecting Causal to a front end, or a microservice, look at this after the Trying It Out section.