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The Causal Sandbox

To learn about Causal quickly we recommend our Sandbox environment.

The Sandbox is a shared example repository and shared hosted environment you can use to try out Causal. It is not meant for use by your production applications! Data is not guaranteed to be secure to only you and it can be wiped out at any time by Causal maintenance or by other Sandbox users. Please use this environment to get to know Causal and we will set you up with a production environment once you love us.

Software Prequisites


Causal hosts the Sandbox repository in GitHub. To connect to our Sandbox we'll need to add you as a collaborator to the Sandbox repository. To do this, we just need the email address you use to access Github currently.

If you don't have an account, you can sign up for one.


Causal uses AWS to host the Sandbox data warehouse. In order to query the warehouse, you will need an IAM AWS account. You cannot access the warehouse with a root account because Amazon doesn't allow it. If you don't know anything about AWS you can still follow this guide, but you may want to chat with us, since you will have to run your applications with these credentials or access won't work!

Request Access

Now, send the following to Causal by submitting the following Google form:

Request Sandbox Access

You will receive three emails in response:

  1. An email from Causal with login information for our shared Sandbox Tools UI instance.
  2. An email from Auth0 which asks you to confirm your account. We use Auth0 for authorization and authentication to our Sandbox Tools UI instance, so please click the "Verify Your Account" button.
  3. An email from GitHub which you need to open, click the "View Invitation" button, and then accept from your GitHub account.

We will get you these emails as quickly as we can!

What's next?

While you're waiting for our email, move on to The Sandbox Project . You'll be able to start working with Causal's frontend and will be able to interact with the backend once we have your accounts set up.