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Committing Your Change

Committing a change to your FDL file is exactly like committing a change to any other file. They should go through code review and any other process your organization has in place. Application code changes that take advantage of the newly generated API can happen in the same commit as the FDL file change. (see Calling Convention)

Committing to an Environment

Once Causal is integrated with your revision control software, committing to an environment's branch will automatically update Causal's other components.

  • The tool user interface available to non-technical users is updated with the new feature definitions. Product managers and others will be able to see the new feature definitions. They'll be able to set up experiments and otherwise change output values.
  • The ETL will automatically start using the new data definition and you should be able to see these changes in the data warehouse starting with the next partition.

Rolling Out Changes

Rolling you new FDL file out to production is no different than rolling out other non-Causal code. Once you merge the new FDL to the production branch (environment), the production impression server and data warehouse will automatically start using the changes.