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Impression Server Metrics

The iserver has been instrumented with the OpenTelemetry Java API See the Impression Server Install Guide for instructions on how to enable it. The table below lists the custom metrics.

causal.iserver.sessions.activeGaugeThe current count of the active sessions held in memory.
causal.iserver.sessions.retiredGaugeThe current count of the retired sessions held in memory. current count of the sessions indexed by the user.*TimerHow long it took for the iserver to communicate to*CounterHow many retries were attempted when communicating to long did each successful file upload to S3 take. mainly errors were encountered uploading a file to S3. long does each listing operation on S3 take.
causal.plugin.invokeFill.timeTimerHow long does your plugins invokeFill implementation take.
causal.plugin.invokeFill.errorsCountHow many times did your invokeFill method throw an error.
causal.plugin.invokeGenericFill.timeTimerHow long does your plugins invokeGenericFill implementation take.
causal.plugin.invokeGenericFill.errorsCountHow many times did your invokeGenericFill method throw an error.
causal.plugin.invokeGenericOnEvent.timeTimerHow long does your plugins invokeGenericOnEvent implementation take.
causal.plugin.invokeGenericOnEvent.errorsCountHow many times did your invokeGenericOnEvent method throw an error.
causal.plugin.invokeGenericOnImpression.timeTimerHow long does your plugins invokeGenericOnImpression implementation take.
causal.plugin.invokeGenericOnImpression.errorsCountHow many times did your invokeGenericOnImpression method throw an error.
causal.plugin.invokeNewVariant.timeTimerHow long does your plugins invokeNewVariant implementation take.
causal.plugin.invokeNewVariant.errorsCountHow many times did your invokeNewVariant method throw an error.
causal.plugin.invokeOnImpression.timeTimerHow long does your plugins invokeOnImpression implementation take.
causal.plugin.invokeOnImpression.errorsCountHow many times did your invokeOnImpression method throw an error.