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Please also check out our full featured, interactive Hello Causal tutorial. It is the best way to learn about Causal.


To use the Typescript APIs, you first need to ensure that the following software is installed:

  • node.js 14 or better with npm or yarn.
  • TypeScript 4.6.4 or later.
  • cross-fetch. Causal uses cross-fetch for its network requests. In future versions this will be configurable. Install cross fetch as a dependency in your node projects.

You will also need to install the causal compiler, which you can include as a dev dependency in your projects or install via npx.

npm install --save-dev @causal/compiler

Follow along

The code referenced in the following chapters is available on our GitHub example repo

If you'd like to follow along:

$ git clone
$ cd examples
$ npm run install
$ npm run dev

You can view the running app at http://localhost:3005/